The Allflex Beef Ambassador Programme began in 2008; the award was introduced to identify standout participants from the ‘Hoof & Hook’ event and provide them with the opportunity to grow their knowledge and experience of the Beef Industry.

The Future Beef Allflex Senior and Intermediate Beef Ambassador awards are now recognized as the most prestigious awards for youth of the Beef Industry to win.

Participants are awarded points for modules, steer handling, an interview as well as their attitude and involvement over the weekend, these are added together to ascertain who the winner for each section is. The intermediate age group is 13-17 and the senior age group is 18-25.

Recipients of the award given the opportunity to go on a beef industry based trip sponsored by Allflex NZ. For many winning this award has changed their beef industry careers; allowing them to gain confidence, providing networking opportunities and growing their beef industry knowledge on a global scale.


To apply for the Allflex Ambassador Award click the link


Senior                                             Intermediate

2008    Daniel Clayton                         –

2009    Zane Swart                              Hannah Knight

2010    Trudy Robertson                     Rowan Sandford

2011    Rowan Sandford                     Will Gibson

2012    Max Tweedie                           Amy Hoogenboom

2013    Lauren Cameron                     Hannah Gibb

2014    Nancy Crawshaw                   Torey Harnett

2015    Amy Hoogenboom                 Ella Tweedie

2016    Emma Pollitt                           Cara Doggett

2017    Hannah Gibb                          Callum Woodhouse

2018    Lucy Collin                              Jessica Guy

2019    Cara Doggett                            Liam Quirke

2020    No Competition

2021    Sophie Ridd                              Summer Didsbury

2022    No Competition