2023 Allflex Future Beef Ambassadors

Congratulations to James Robbie, our Allflex Senior Beef Ambassador, and Nikki Baker, our Allflex Intermediate Beef Ambassador for 2023.

Allflex Senior Beef Ambassador - JAMES ROBBIE

James is a 5th generation Sheep and Beef farmer on Otapawa Station, our family property. He grew up around farming, but it took a departure from this lifestyle to go to university in Wellington and a short, but successful, career in the corporate world for me to fully appreciate what made life on the land so special. Since his return back to agriculture, he has dove head-first into all aspects of sheep and beef farming, none less than my involvement in our Poll Hereford stud, in which he has been blessed with many amazing opportunities to travel, learn and develop his passion for the beef industry.

James has been lucky to travel to Australia twice on solo missions to make connections within the Australian beef industry, as well as scout promising Australian genetics for use within our herd at home. To build on the spirit for adventure that Australian cattle country inspired in him. James is now looking to broaden his horizons with a trip to the United States to see the very best of North America has to offer.

Beyond James life on the farm and in the stud breeding sector, he also leverage his degree in Political Science and International Relations to bridge the gap between government organisations and local community groups through a local charity group. This has proved to be a huge success for our local community which has been hit hard by a prominent influx of Carbon Farming into our region. James has always been extremely passionate about rural communities, and it is a privilege to be able to give back where he can.


Allflex Senior Beef Ambassador - NIKKI BAKER

Nikki is currently in her first year of a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Massey University, which she am planning to take animal breeding and genetics papers from the Animal Science Degree, while still having her  main focus of learning on how to get the best growth rates from stock with different management techniques.

As a twelve-year-old Nikki purchased her first beef cow. Over the past 6 years Nikki has bred from her every year, where she has reared her own calf, that she has sold on to the works once they reach 600kgs. This cemented what she wanted to do with her life. Since then, Nikki has been passionate to further her learning and ultimately wanting to own her own Hereford stud, improving each generation, and growing top quality beef.

Nikki spend a lot of time on her neighbours Milking Shorthorn Stud and have learnt a lot, when it comes to genetics. She would say this is the main reason for wanting to go down the Stud farm route. Nikki loves being able to follow their genetics through different generations and learn the traits from different families and work out which bull to use to enhance their conformation, growth rates etc.

Nikki has been showing cattle since she was six years old, but in the past five years of competing in Future Beef, that my passion for showing beef cattle has truly grown. From attending Future Beef, the past three times it has been held, she has been able to make connections within the beef industry which has been vital in helping her towards her goal of owning her own Hereford Stud farm.


2021 Allflex Future Beef Ambassadors

Congratulations to Sophie Ridd, our Allflex Senior Beef Ambassador, and Summer Didsbury, our Allflex Intermediate Beef Ambassador for 2021.

Allflex Senior Beef Ambassador - SOPHIE RIDD

Sophie is second year at Massey University and took out our Rising Star Award in 2019. With winning this award Sophie is now given the opportunity to travel overseas to attend a show, competition or some other personal development within the beef industry.

Congratulations Sophie on winning this award, we look forward to watching you achieve amazing things in the sector.


Allflex Intermediate Beef Ambassador - SUMMER DIDSBURY

Summer from St Matthews Collegiate for this incredible achievement! Summer won this award over 16 other applicants where they were put through their paces with an interview, modules, handlers competition, stock judging and the ability to earn extra points for team work and mentorship.

2019 Allflex Future Beef Ambassadors

Congratulations to CARA DOGGETT, our Allflex Senior Beef Ambassador, and LIAM QUIRKE, our Allflex Intermediate Beef Ambassador for 2019.

Allflex Senior Beef Ambassador - CARA DOGGETT

Cara Doggett says there has never been a day without a cow in sight and a pair of gumboots on her feet. Growing up in a family of farmers it was inevitable that Cara would inherit that same love of cattle that her family has. She has been showing cattle since she was five-years-old, starting off at the Tomarata Primary School calf club.

These days, Cara has her own beef shorthorn stud ‘Ceejay Shorthorns’ which started five years ago. Having saved up all her money, Cara bought her first registered yearling and has slowly grown her stud ever since. With 28 in total now, Cara is focused on improving hoof structure, adding more height and focusing on low birth weight and high mature weight progeny.

Cara first competed in the Hoof and hook competition four years ago seeking a new experience and gain further knowledge around the beef industry. For the last two-years, Cara has producing and showing her own steers for the competition. In 2016 Cara won the Allflex Intermediate Ambassador which gave her a step up in the industry.

“Future Beef not only promotes networking, but multiple opportunities for youth within the beef industry. I am very grateful to be involved with this awesome event that allows me to get my name and stud out there in the industry.”

“Competing alongside like-minded people is always inspiring and encourages me to pursue my passion of showing cattle and reach my career goals. I was honored to receive the Allflex Senior Ambassador this year, its a huge privilege.”


Allflex Intermediate Beef Ambassador - LIAM QUIRKE

First time competitor Liam Quirke  says winning the Allflex Intermediate Ambassador came as a surprise. After being encouraged by his agriculture teach to enter, Liam was helped along the way by long time FBNZ supporters Peter and Sue McWilliam alongside Richie and Lauren Cameron. Liam was part of the successful Rathkeale College team who won the Generation Angus NZ Education Team Award.

“My goal for this first event was to soak up the atmosphere, get out of my comfort zone and learn more about the industry. I did that, and then some. I’m really excited to come back for the next event.”



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2008    Daniel Clayton                         –

2009    Zane Swart                              Hannah Knight

2010    Trudy Robertson                     Rowan Sandford

2011    Rowan Sandford                     Will Gibson

2012    Max Tweedie                           Amy Hoogenboom

2013    Lauren Cameron                     Hannah Gibb

2014    Nancy Crawshaw                   Torey Harnett

2015    Amy Hoogenboom                 Ella Tweedie

2016    Emma Pollitt                           Cara Doggett

2017    Hannah Gibb                          Callum Woodhouse

2018    Lucy Collin                              Jessica Guy

2019    Cara Doggett                            Liam Quirke

2020    No Competition

2021    Sophie Ridd                              Summer Didsbury

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